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Body art with respect at the center

It could be nice.

It's the mantra that guides our work. Consent can be easy, appointments can be welcoming, communication can be open and... it can just be nice.

Tattoo @ Hinterland

Hinterland Studio was founded in 2019 by Hayden Welch, in response to nearly a decade of searching for the right body art studio—one that was welcoming and empowering to customers and employees alike.

Hinterland offers a tattoo experience that is comfort-forward, with privacy and client care at the core.  At our studio, all bodies are celebrated, pronouns are honored, and boundaries are treated with respect. Trauma informed tattooing is foundational to our practice, and the artists here partake in continuing education to better serve our client community. 

Tattoo Crew

The tattoo crew at Hinterland is here to help you find your way to a positive and safe tattoo experience. Visit our Artists page to learn more about our journeys, styles, and favorite animal, obviously.


Tiny Tattoos

Our most popular flash event is getting an upgrade with VIRTUAL sign-ups for tiny tattoo appointments, and mor opportunities for tiny tats all summer long!

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