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T I N Y   T A T T O O S

Just want a lil’ guy?  We’ve got you.

If you’ve been following us for a minute, you may have heard of our “Tiny Tattuesdays”and you may have attended one (or two or three...)

This summer, we're trying out a new process for Tiny Tattoos - Introducing: Virtual Tiny Tattoo Sign-Ups

See the full FAQ below, but here's the basics:

  • Tiny tattoo slots will now be booked ahead using designated calendly links (no walk-in days for the time being)

  • Sizes: 3 inches and smaller

  • Flash only & limbs only on event days

  • Customs tinies may be available during booking rounds

  • Spots fill quickly - set your reminders and subscribe to the newsletter for early announcements 

  • Tiny Tattoo event dates will be announced on a rolling basis and more slots will be available during artist booking rounds

  • Currently no deposits required event days - please notify us at least 24h in advance if you can't make your slot


This new process is meant to help make our Tiny Tattoo days even more accessible - thank you in advance for your patience and communication as we give it a try!


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Guest Artist: Luka Weinberger


Okay, I’m in. How do I book a Tiny Tattoo?

For Tiny Tattoo EVENT days:
Announced on a rolling basis
Flash Only • No Customs


For Individual Artist
Booking Rounds:

Flash & Customs

Booking Links & Cancellations

We'll continue to offer special event Tiny Tattuesdays and flash days. Whether you get a notification from our email list, tune in on our Instagram, or get the heads up from a buddy - we’ll make sure to post in multiple places when a Tiny Tattoo event day is upcoming. We’ll tell you when the booking link will be LIVE on our website so you can set a reminder to hit that button and snag your spot! You may select your flash design at appointment directly from your Artist’s collection.

In between Tiny Tattuesdays, we’re also going to offer private tiny sessions in our seasonal booking rounds.  If an Artist chooses to delegate some of their regular booking hours to Tiny Tattoo appointment slots, you may use their booking forms to request your tiny tat.  You can opt to select a pre-drawn design from your artist tiny collection at appointment, OR request a custom tiny design in your form.  As with every booking cycle, we can only fit so many appointments in our calendars. - but artists individual booking rounds open every 2-3 months, so we hope to keep opportunities as frequent as we can.  See our Booking Page for more details.

We currently use Calendly to offer you a way to claim appointments. When the link is live, you’ll be able to select a time slot, enter your email, and confirm your appointment - yes, its that simple!  The booking calendar will become inactive once all spots are claimed. Currently we do not require a deposit to claim, though this may change in the future specific to events.  

Because of this we ask that you please try to notify us with at least 24hrs if you have to cancel so we can share the opportunity with folks waiting.  This is an “on-your-honor” approach for now, and we appreciate your cooperation as we develop this booking method.


currently booking:
Tuesday JUNE 11th

About Tiny Tattoos @ Hinterland

We know smaller tattoos have been more difficult to book in the tattoo world lately, so in 2023, we started hosting “Tiny Tattuesdays” - a walk-in event to accommodate smaller tattoos at an affordable price range.  These dates were so popular that we’ve been working on standardizing them and making them more accessible.


What counts as a “tiny” tattoo?

Tiny tats at our studio generally refer to designs 3 inches and smaller.  They are typically pre-drawn, available in black and grey shading , and limited to limbs.  Each artist has their own collection of original designs to choose from at a Tiny Tattoo Event appointment, and may agree to take custom requests in their personal booking rounds.


Where can I see your artists' tiny flash collections?

Typically, each artist updates their available Tiny Designs on their personal instagram page/highlights, but we’ve included a little sneak peek of our latest in the seasonal menu above. It’s best to make sure you follow them on the gram and/or sign up for our email list. We always send out a heads-up with a sneak peek look at our newest tinies. Artists add new designs to their tiny flash regularly. Check out our Artist Pages to connect and follow!

If you are booking with an artist during their personal booking cycle and not a special tiny tattoo event - you may be able to request a custom tiny via the artists’ booking form.  All of us are different, so be sure to read submission instructions when those opportunities come up.

Are regular Tiny Tattuesday Events still happening at Hinterland?

They sure as heck are, but as of June 2024 we are switching to a fully VIRTUAL signup sheet.


Due to the overwhelming interest in Tiny Tattuesdays, we’ve been working out new ways to make these types of appointments more accessible and more frequent. Switching to claimable online time slots allows us to save you the wait in line and the stress of a walk-in gamble.  We try to see as many folks as we can, but we just can’t get to everyone we’d like to in a day.Our little hands are just too human.

Much like our old walk-in events, these slots will fill quickly, so when a Tiny Tattoo event is announced, be sure to set your reminders for when the booking links go live!  Email subscribers will get early event announcements, a first look at any new tiny flash, and a reminder notification when booking links become active.

So NO walk-ins are available?

While Tiny Tattoo Days will not be set up as walk-in days, if any artist's open slots remain available or if there are cancellations, these appointments may be able to be claimed via instagram or walk-in. Be sure to be following our artist Instagram pages for real-time updates!

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