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Booking for 2024 

Booking forms with our tattooers are currently closed, but you can preview our request form below. Sign up for our email list to be notified about more tattoo opportunities coming this season!

Booking with Hinterland

When an artist's booking cycle opens, their form will become live at the link above.

Tattoo concepts must be sent via the booking request form to be considered for a booking round. Once the form has reached capacity for that cycle, the link will no longer be active. For your the best chance at receiving a tattoo spot:

  • follow artist Instagram pages for booking details, and set reminders for book openings.

  • subscribe to the email newsletter for early notification of booking rounds.

  • review what types of designs artists are looking to do (and more likely to approve) in that booking round.



Booking FAQ


How will I find out if my booking request was chosen?

We carefully consider every tattoo idea, but due to the sheer volume of submissions only accepted projects will receive artist response.  All accepted proposals will generally be contacted within 10 days of submitting.  If you do not hear from us by that time, please consider submitting again when our form reopens in the following cycle.

Can I email you about my tattoo idea?

If you are a client with a work in progress piece, a touch up request, or have express permission - you may email directly for scheduling, but please try to do so only during an open booking period.

What if my partner/friend/mom/knitting group and I want to get tattooed together?

Each person must submit a proposal individually. If your idea is chosen, each person will need to book a tattoo slot and pay a deposit. Your proposal acceptance email will contain more information for scheduling.

Why didn't you choose my design?

Like many art forms, tattoo cannot be scaled up. We are human beings, and time makes fools of us all: we simply cannot accept every proposal that we receive. This is especially true for trending tattoos (have you ever seen a spread sheet with the words "birth flower" listed 35 times? Because we have). We genuinely encourage you to submit in a future booking round if you do not receive a response - if you've submitted a few times, consider revisiting your artist's portfolio to see if your design is outside of their style, or if it's already been showcased a lot.

Additional tips: the more specific and informative the proposal form is about your tattoo idea (sizing, body placement, reference photos), the easier it is for your artist to know if your design is right for them during that cycle!

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