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Community Values & Agreements

Community agreements are a tool used in group spaces to promote effective communication, an inclusive environment, and help everyone understand the expectations and boundaries of that community. 

Our community agreements are an invitation into relationship, within the values that we hold most dear. 


Art, Creation, and Play

At it's heart, Hinterland seeks to put play back on the table. The joy inherent to childhood can be stamped out so easily by our society, our work, the lack of time or resources - and by shame.

We hope that when you visit Hinterland, you feel invited to create, free from expectation. To engage with art, to see and seek what is behind it. To find your own answer to what is behind it.

Image by lilartsy


The Hinterland crew values continuous growth and knowledge - our team engages in continued learning both personally and professionally. Our workshops offer new knowledge and skills, and a safe environment to try them out.

We all hold learning as a central value when it comes to upholding our community agreements. We do not ask that you adhere perfectly to them; we ask that you "get caught trying" and, like us, are a lifelong learner in creating more inclusive, welcoming, and equitable spaces.

Image by Viktor Forgacs


Art and community should be for everyone. We think about access financially as well as related to ability.

We also hope to create access to art-making and careers in art for all those who seek it by appropriately valuing art and the labor that it requires, while keeping it affordable to all clients through things like payment plans, tiny tattoo opportunities, and more.

We hope to be proactive about the accessibility of our events and services, but we know we will not always be successful. If we can better accommodate you at Hinterland, please contact us - we would love to hear from you.

All staff, clients, and other visitors to Hinterland are asked and expected to adhere to these community agreements.

Use respectful & inclusive communication

We use others' correct names and pronouns - we ask about pronouns proactively, and do not make assumptions about gender.

We use language that celebrates and respects all people.

We call each other in for speaking behaving in ways that are racist, homophobic or transphobic, classist, sexist, ableist, fatphobic, and otherwise stigmatizing. All parties remember that the purpose of calling in is education and changed behavior, not shame.

We maintain respectful and kind communication towards staff and visitors. We also remember that "clear is kind" and that communicating directly is a way to create healthy relationship.

We acknowledge that conflict is not inherently bad, and use healthy conflict resolution tools.

Seek informed, affirmative consent

Consent should be an ongoing negotiation, where all parties know what to expect and feel positive about saying "yes." We seek affirmative consent (yes means yes) from each other, for physical interactions like hugs, as well as emotional interactions. We are mindful of the impact of sharing deep emotional wounds and trauma, and ask for permission to do so.

As a body art studio, consent is central to our practice. You should be informed of the process and any risks associated with tattooing. We aim to make an environment where you feel comfortable with your tattoo artist, design, and placement before the needle touches your skin. We invite you to take breaks as needed during your appointment, and bring any comfort items that may improve your experience, such as headphones or a blanket. You are welcome to stop your tattoo appointment at any time.

Practice community care & mutual aid

As people in community with each other, we are responsible for caring for one another. Who keeps us safe? We keep us safe.

We believe in mutual aid creating strong communities, both inside of Hinterland and in the city of Rochester.

Masking, COVID-19, and Community Care

You may have noticed that masks are still required inside the tattoo parlor, and sometimes are required at events. Masks are a powerful prevention tool for stopping the spread of COVID-19, which remains a significant health risk for vulnerable community members.

The studio may ask that all visitors mask for the entirety of their visit during times of high transmission, such as the holiday season. Please remember that masking keeps our space accessible to all.

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