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Hayden Welch

Founder & Senior Body Artist | she/her

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Favorite Thing About Tattoo:

Honestly, there is so much to love about tattoo-it never gets old.  But I'm really satisfied by how it helps us document our stories. Tattoos are only as permanent as we are, they age with us, just like our stories do. 

Currently Obsessed With:

Mastering a perfect breakfast quiche, dotted grid sketchbooks, and collecting collage materials from Savers.

Booking Info:

Books are currently closed. Books open every 2-4 months - join the studio newsletter for updates.

Artist Rate: Hayden prices primarily by design, but with a sliding scale of $150-175/hr for multi-session projects or large scale work.  

In the next booking cycle, Hayden is offering:

Primarily pre-drawn concepts OR half-day and full-day appointments for large, collaboratively designed freehand pieces.

About Hayden

Hayden Welch is a Rochester native and multidisciplinary artist. While her creative interests remain broad, she started focusing on tattooing in 2012, seeking a link between body liberation and her love of illustration.  


When it comes to tattoo, she is almost entirely self taught.  Early years in tattoo shops showed her that she would need to carve out her own safe place to hone - and eventually teach - her craft.  Her vision for Hinterland has always been multifaceted: a mindful and inclusive tattoo studio, an art house, a gallery, a workshop, an event space.  A sort of creative chameleon studio that takes the mystery out of the process, and prioritizes accessibility, play, and skill-sharing. 


Hayden’s art and tattoo work is often centered around her fascination with the natural world, death and rebirth, memory and record-keeping.  She explores these themes through illustrative botanicals, kaleidoscopic symmetry, dot work, fine line precision, Renaissance-inspired forms, and whimsical folk art.  She lives in downtown Rochester with a bearded poet-professor and their cats, Figgs & Sunday.  


Shawnee Hill

Tattoo Apprentice | she/they

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Shawnee Hill

Favorite Thing About Tattoo:

Favorite thing about tattoo is the unending ability to grow and learn with each new client. Every human is a new collaborator, canvas, tattoo companion and it’s very exciting to find something new creatively that gets you excited to just keep doing more.

Favorite Animal:

Favorite animal? Ruby of course!!! (She’s a lil cattledog)

Booking Info:

Shawnee's first custom booking round opens Sunday, October 1st, at 7pm EST, here.

Artist Rate: Shawnee is currently practicing price by design OR operating with $100/hr rate for larger or multi-session projects.

In the next booking cycle, Shawnee is offering:

Non-limb tattoo placements, select color projects and larger, multi-session design concepts.

About Shawnee Rebekah Morning Dove Hill

Shawnee is also a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in downtown Rochester NY. They grew up in the Finger Lakes, spending time in their grandmother’s sculpture studio. There, they found a need for a life of art, and independence. 


For the past decade their creative endeavors have included a wide array of community projects, murals, exhibits, and pop ups. Shawnee’s work focuses on composing emotive elements that help them process life. Accessibility to creative practice is something they feel compelled to shout about because of the immense amount of healing that can be provided through creativity. 


Currently, and always, focused on making the best life for their chaotic doggo, Ruby, and building their life as a full time artist and tattoo apprentice at Hinterland Studio.

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