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Where to find us

We're located at 60 Browns Race, Rochester NY

(Look for Door #74 and the twinkle lights!)

Hinterland is located on the first floor of our building, and requires no stairs or ramps for entry. We have an accessible all-gender restroom, and in the spring and summer months the fountains turn on and we  essentially have a moat.  So, there's that.


Summer Parking Updates

Please note: there are many one-way streets in our area - and this summer High Falls and the Browns Race are under some construction for a bit of a face lift.  Unfortunately, this means our accessible parking spaces out front are temporarily unavailable.  Parking is available in the parking garage (free on weekends), as well as 1-2 blcoks from us in the Commercial Street front lot (free but limited), and in most places on Mill Street(also free on weekends).  

We are sincerely sorry for any challenge and inconvenience this creates - please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any concerns or access questions.  We’re hoping this project is brief, and foot traffic will return to our sweet little neighborhood soon.  See our updated parking map below!

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